• 1/1 Eucerin ProAcne Solution Toner

Eucerin ProAcne Solution Toner

Clarifies skin
Unblocks pores
Thoroughly cleans and clears the T-Zone and other problem areas

Toner for impure skin with 2% natural Lactic Acid

Clears the skin and provides intensive cleansing for the T-Zone and other problem areas. The formula with Lactic Acid gently clears pores, moisturises skin and prepares it so it can absorb the full benefits of your care product.

Product info

Eucerin ProAcne Solution Toner has been specially formulated for oily and blemish-prone skin and for those with mild to moderate adult acne. It is also suitable for all other forms of acne such as acne vulgaris. It clears the skin and prepares it for subsequent care.

The active antibacterial formula contains 2% Lactic Acid which unblocks pores, inhibits bacterial growth and prevents all types of blemishes without over drying the skin. It is particularly effective when used in the T-Zone and other problem areas.

Clinical and dermatological studies

Clinical and dermatological studies have confirmed the very good skin tolerability and effectiveness of the product in people with blemish- and acne-prone skin.


  • oil-free
  • anti-bacterial
  • comedolytic
  • non-comedogenic
  • lightly fragranced

How To Use

  • Use morning and evening after cleansing and before moisturising
  • Apply toner to a cotton pad
  • Wipe cotton pad over your entire face 
  • Do not rinse. 
  • Avoid contact with your eyes and use a new cotton pad for each application

Eucerin ProAcne Solution Toner is oil-free and particularly suitable for acne-prone skin.

Eucerin ProAcne Solution Toner has been specially formulated for oily skin and contains alcohol which removes any excess oils from your skin

Eucerin ProAcne Solution Toner can be used instead of aftershave. It contains alcohol, so works similarly disinfecting and refreshing skin.

Try Eucerin ProAcne Solution Micellar Water instead.

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FAQ (6)

    What does a toner do and why should I use one?

    Toner (sometimes called ‘facial tonic’ or ‘facial water’) is used as a final step to facial cleansing. It refreshes your skin, purifies your pores, removes any last traces of cleanser and prepares your skin for the next step in your skincare routine.

    Why does Eucerin ProAcne Solution Toner contain alcohol?

    Alcohol has proved its worth as an effective ingredient. It kills bacteria, reduces excess sebum and leave skin with a cool and pleasant astringent feeling. The concentration of alcohol used in this toner is proven not to dry out the skin.

    I’ve been using Eucerin ProAcne Toner for several days but I still have spots. What am I doing wrong?

    Eucerin ProAcne can help blemish-prone skin to recover, but you shouldn’t expect to see results overnight. The normal cycle for skin renewal takes about 28 days, and the more impurities there are in your skin, the longer it will take before you start seeing the results. Stick to your daily cleansing and care routine for at least eight weeks and you should start to see the benefits.

    My skin feels tights after cleansing. Is this normal?

    Tightness is often a sign of dry skin. If your skin feels like this it’s even more important to give it the care it needs – an intensive moisturiser that also protects skin from further moisture loss.

    Will my acne clear up by itself as I get older?

    That depends. Many people who experience adolescent acne find that their skin problems heal as they get older, but for others the problems continue to develop and evolve into adult acne. Some people have no problems with their skin when they’re young but find that acne develops at a later stage. If this happens women in particular should consult a doctor as symptoms may well be linked to hormonal imbalances.

    What is the difference between a toner and a micellar water?

    Micellar water is a cleanser, toner and make-up remover all in one intended for use when you need a quick and convenient cleansing solution. Toner is applied after using a dedicated cleanser such as Eucerin ProAcne Solution Cleansing Gel and prepares skin for moisturiser and other care products. Toner is particularly suitable for oily and blemish-prone skin as it feels refreshing.

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