Eucerin DermoDENSIFYER Concentrate Eucerin DermoDENSIFYER Concentrate

Eucerin DermoDENSIFYER Concentrate

Concentrated skin strengthening treatment to visibly enhance skin’s density and elasticity

A concentrated formula with active ingredients to deliver enhanced skin strengthening benefits when combined with the use of daily anti-age care.

Eucerin DermoDENSIFYER Concentrate is an intensive treatment for ageing skin experiencing a loss of density. This strengthening treatment, formulated with highly concentrated Arctiin and Apiaceae-Peptides, visibly enhances the elasticity of the skin in combination with the use of the daily anti-age care, like Eucerin DermoDENSIFYER Day Cream. With regular use skin becomes stronger with renewed elasticity and radiance.*

*In vitro studies


Efficacy and skin compatibility proven in clinical and dermatological studies.


Women using two fingers to tab care into cheek

  • Shake vial thoroughly before opening.
  • Apply twice daily onto well cleansed skin before your daily anti-age care.
  • Use firm but gentle strokes to apply product, concentrating on areas of concern.
  • Avoid the delicate eye area.
  • As an optimal compliment to your daily care routine use in combination with Eucerin DermoDENSIFYER Day Cream, Night Cream and Eye & Lip Contour Cream.


Step 1. Cleanse

Step 2. Tone

Step 3. Care

Next, prepare skin with Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Clarifying Toner to prepare the skin for the following care producs. 

Apply Eucerin DermoDENSIFYER Concentrate onto the face, neck and décolleté (chest). Massage into skin using gentle motions concentrating on areas of concern, avoiding the delicate eye area.

Follow with Eucerin DermoDENSIFYER Day Cream or Eucerin DermoDENSIFYER Night Cream over the top to enhance the skin-strengthening benefits.

If sun exposure is expected, apply Eucerin Sun Crème SPF 30/50+ to exposed skin on the face, neck and decollete to protect from further photo-induced damage.


Use Eucerin DermoDENSIFYER Concentrate if …

Try a different product if …

You want an intensive anti-ageing concentrate for your thinning skin:

The potent natural actives in Eucerin DermoDENSIFYER Concentrate reinforce the skin's dermal junction for improved microcirculation and skin density.

You want an anti-ageing concentrate to reduce age spots:

You want an eye cream to treat thinning, fragile skin around your eyes:

Try Eucerin DermoDENSIFYER Eye & Lip Contour Cream which is ophthalmologically tested for use in the delicate eye area.


The Eucerin DermoDENSIFYER range has been specially formulated to address the effects of the decline of hormonal activity on ageing skin. Combining higly concentrated Arctiin to stimulate repair of thinning, fragile skin and Apiaceae-Peptides to speed up cell regeneration, skin achieves a newfound elasticity and density.*

If your primary skin ageing concern is a loss of density and radiance, the Eucerin DermoDENSIFYER range improves skin’s density and microcirculation, for an overall improved complexion with regular combined use.

*In vitro studies