Behind the science – Of Eucerin DermoDENSIFYER

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As we age, our skin’s structure changes. One of these changes is a loss of density. Most common in women of post-menopausal age, a loss of density results in thinner, weaker, fragile skin. As the skin loses its shape, wrinkles become deeper and skin can look dull and pale.

Chemical peels are widely used to treat a loss of density. Although they deliver good results, the procedure can be aggressive on delicate ageing skin, there are often side effects and the patient can take time to recover.

The Eucerin DermoDENSIFYER range has been clinically proven to support and strengthen ageing skin and reduce the loss of density.

The background to Eucerin’s skin densifying range

The junction between the upper and middle layers of our skin (the epidermis and the dermis) is made up of papillae. Papillae supply the top layers of skin with vital nutrients and oxygen. As we age, these papillae both narrow and reduce in number and the junction flattens. This results in a loss of skin density.

Beiersdorf headquarter is based in Hamburg, Germany.
The Research & Development team at Eucerin has a great expertise – 125 years of experience.

Eucerin wanted to create an effective range to treat this loss of density. So, using its 125 years of expertise in skin care and research, Eucerin skincare experts set about identifying active ingredients that support skin renewal and that could be used daily and in combination with other actives. Inspired by chemical peels, but ever mindful of the fragility of ageing skin, the ambition was to create a highly tolerable formula to strengthen and redensify skin as well as improve its radiance and texture.

The Research & Development team at Eucerin started with Arctiin, a naturally active extract from the fruit of the Burdock plant: “We found it to have a powerful stimulating effect on the natural renewal process when applied topically to skin,” explains Andrea Schölermann, MD, Clinical Advisor Eucerin: “In addition to triggering the rebuilding of damaged connective tissue, Arctiin also accelerated the renewal of the volume-creating substances that give skin its youthful appearance.  The benefits of Arctiin were exactly what we’d been looking for to improve both skin density and the weakened, flattened skin structure that appears during this particular life stage.”

Younger skin: Highly structured connective skin tissue with high amount of collagen.
Older skin: Less structured connective skin tissue with high amount of collagen.

But Arctiin alone would not be enough to strengthen and support ageing skin.

“We had some promising results in the laboratory with a particular type of peptide, known as Apiaceae-Peptide.  It showed signs of having a strengthening effect on the internal structure of skin, which is naturally weakened in menopausal and post-menopausal skin,” says Dr. Schölermann, while adding that: “Highly effective peptide-components like this have the potential to considerably improve skin’s connective tissue structure.”

A formula which included both Apiaceae-Peptides  and Arctiin achieved the most impressive results at test phase. This formula reinforces skin structure to give the skin a more youthful, radiant appearance. As Dr. Schölermann concludes:

We can’t turn back the clock, but we can help to preserve the youthful qualities of every woman’s skin.

Impressive results for the product formula

Volunteers took part in a range of trials to test the efficacy of the Eucerin DermoDENSIFYER range.

In one study, 31 females between the ages of 45 and 65 applied the new formula twice a day for 4 weeks.  Eucerin then used laser scanning techniques to measure the formula’s impact of the papillae: “We noticed a significant increase in papillae density as a result of improved and redensified skin tissue,” notes Schölermann. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) technology was also used to scan the skin and showed “a significant increase in epidermal thickness” across the sample.

Measurement of the skin surface structure
With regular use of Eucerin´s DermoDENSIFYER range women report more stronger and more elastic skin.

In a second study, Eucerin tested the impact of the new formula on the rate of skin renewal.  This was done by measuring the size of skin cells in the horny layer (the outermost layer of skin). As Dr. Schölermann explains: “The condition of skin cells in the horny layer is an indicator of skin renewal time.  The larger the size of the cells, the longer the renewal time. At each of these intervals we noticed a significant decrease in cell size indicating an improved rate of renewal”.

The effect on wrinkles was also examined across all the studies using digital scanning and photo evaluation techniques. There was a significant visible reduction in the depth of wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, nose and mouth.

“With results this promising we’re confident that, with regular use of Eucerin’s DermoDENSIFYER range, women will experience stronger, healthier-looking skin that’s more elastic and resilient.”