Eucerin Volume-Filler Concentrate

Restores volume and redefines facial contours

A unique concentration of active ingredients which, when used daily in association with volumising care products, helps to restore lost volume and redefine facial contours for a rejuvenated appearance.

Eucerin Volume-Filler Concentrate is a skin-care treatment that effectively combats the external signs of skin ageing. Its unique formula, with three active ingredients, targets skin sagging, poorly defined

facial contours and reduced skin volume. Magnolol increases the number and size of volume-giving cells*. Oglio Peptides stimulate collagen renewal* and Hyaluronic Acid helps skin to bind moisture. Used once a day, in combination with volumising care products, Eucerin Volume-Filler Concentrate has been proven to firm contours, reduce wrinkles and help skin to look younger. 

*in vitro studies

Clinical Studies

One clinical and three dermatological studies have been conducted to test the efficacy and tolerability of Eucerin Volume-Filler Concentrate on women between the ages of 40 and 75. 

In one study, 186 female volunteers, aged between 40 and 59, took part in a two-week trial where they used the product daily in combination with anti-ageing day care. 

The efficacy of each of the three active ingredients in Eucerin Volume-Filler Concentrate has also been tested in multiple In vitro and In vivo studies.


  • Volume is restored: 93% noted enhanced skin volume after regular use of Eucerin Volume-Filler Concentrate in combination with a volumizing face care. 91% commented on their facial contours being redefined.
  • Skin is firmer: 98% saw a marked improvement in the firmness of their skin. 
  • Skin looks younger: 95% indicated a reduction in the visible signs of ageing and 84% said that fine lines and wrinkles were visibly reduced. 
  • Good skin tolerability for all skin types: 99% found the product to be compatible with their skin.

  • Apply once a day (morning or evening) to freshly cleansed skin. 
  • Use gentle strokes to massage into face, neck and décolleté (chest). Avoid contact with eyes. 
  • Follow with Eucerin Volume-Filler Day Care or Eucerin Volume-Filler Night Care as appropriate.


Cleanse skin using Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Refreshing Cleansing Gel or Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Mild Cleansing Milk (depending on your skin type and condition).

Tone skin with Eucerin DermatoCLEAN Clarifying Toner. Toned skin is better able to absorb the active ingredients in Eucerin Volume-Filler Concentrate.

Apply concentrate to face, neck and décolleté (chest) and allow skin to absorb before following with Eucerin Volume-Filler Day Care or Eucerin Volume-Filler Night Care as appropriate. 

You only need to apply the concentrate once a day (i.e. either in the morning or the evening).

If sun exposure is expected, apply Eucerin Sun Cream 30/50+ to exposed skin on the face, neck and décolleté (chest) to protect from further photo-induced damage.

Use Eucerin Volume-Filler Concentrate if …

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You want to intensify the efficacy of your daily anti-age care:

Because of its concentration of active ingredients, Eucerin Volume-Filler Concentrate supports the effect of Eucerin Volume-Filler Day Care and Eucerin Volume-Filler Night Care.

Your main ageing concerns are a loss of volume, loss of contours and/or sagging skin:

Eucerin Volume-Filler Concentrate targets skin sagging and, when used in combination with volumising care products, helps to restore contours, definition and volume to your face for a rejuvenated appearance.

Your main ageing concern is lines and wrinkles:
Your main ageing concern is decreased skin density and radiance:

Eucerin Volume-Filler Restores volume and elasticity to facial contours

For concerns about sagging skin and a loss of volume, the Eucerin Volume-Filler range targets multiple factors responsible for diminishing facial definition. Over time, skin loses volume and facial contours may sag due to depleting levels of the natural substances that keep skin looking firm and feeling smooth.

The clinically tested Eucerin Volume-Filler range has been designed to target specific layers of the skin where a loss of volume occurs. Highly effective Magnolol increases the size and number of volume-giving cells.* Oligo Peptides strengthen the collagen network and collagen renewal*, while Hyaluronic Acid improves moisture-retention to plump skin and reduce wrinkles.

*In vitro studies