Eucerin pH5 Skin-Protection Hand Cream

Regenerates skin's natural protection

An extremely gentle, yet effective hand cream that activates skin’s defences for long-lasting protection and moisture.

Frequent washing, changes in temperature and exposure to the elements are just some of the everyday reasons why hands can become sensitive and dry. Eucerin pH5 Hand Cream has been designed specifically to counter these stimuli by providing up to 18 hours of protection from drying out. It contains pH5 Enzyme Protection, which has been clinically proven to strengthen skin’s natural defences from within, helping to restore pH levels and reduce moisture loss. Thanks to Dexpanthenol the formula has wound healing properties. Use as frequently as is necessary, for skin that feels soft and smooth.

Clinical Studies

The pH5 EnzymeProtection contained in Eucerin pH5 Hand Cream was proven to strengthen skin’s natural protective barrier, providing excellent efficacy and tolerability, even on pre-damaged skin.


  • Enzyme activity was significantly enhanced in volunteers treated with Eucerin Sensitive Skin products containing the active combination of pH5 Citrate Buffer, Dexpanthenol and Glycerin.
  • Skin moisture was also significantly increased in comparison to treatment with a placebo.



  • Apply Eucerin pH5 Hand Cream as frequently as is necessary. Massage until the cream is completely absorbed.

Women applies cream on hand

Do's and Dont's

Use Eucerin pH5 Hand Cream if …

Try a different product if …

You have dry, sensitive skin, and want to protect and restore chapped hands:

Eucerin pH5 Hand Cream provides up to 18 hours of protection from drying out.

You’re frequently washing your hands, and want to protect them from drying out:

Try Eucerin pH5 Hand Wash Oil.

Your hands are extremely dry and rough, or you have Atopic Dermatitis:

Try Eucerin Repair Hand Creme 5% Urea.

You want a gentle cleanser that all the family can use, including babies:

Frequently asked questions

What is Enzyme Protection?

Eucerin Skin Research developed a method to evaluate the activity of the enzyme trypsin present in the topmost layer of skin. Lab tests proved that the Eucerin Sensitive Skin products activate it to strengthen skin’s natural defences from the inside out.

What is the active principle of the Eucerin pH5 products?

Eucerin pH5 cleansing and moisturizing products contain very mild, dermatologically tested ingredients ideal for sensitive skin and sensitive dry skin. All of these products have excellent skin compatibility and protect your skin against daily environmental stress. The pH5 Citrate Buffers contained in Eucerin pH5 products naturally stabilize the hydrolipid film of skin. Glycerin and Dexpanthenol protect from drying out and support the regeneration of the skin.

How can you tell if a product is safe for sensitive skin?

Eucerin Sensitive Skin products have been specially developed to combine excellent skin protection and regeneration with clinically proven skin tolerability. However, in general, if you’re trying out a new product, apply it repeatedly to skin at the flexure of the elbow. If it does not lead to redness, swelling or itching the product can be assumed to be compatible with your skin.

Talk to your dermatologist or pharmacist if you’re worried about any of your symptoms.

Eucerin Sensitive Skin Activating skin’s natural defences

Our skin is naturally well-protected from environmental influences through its own defences, which are controlled by enzymes. They regulate bacterial growth, maintain moisture and protect against irritation. In sensitive skin, however, enzyme activity is reduced and the barrier function compromised, which leads to irritability and dryness.

Eucerin offers a complete range of products specially developed to combine excellent skin protection and regeneration with clinically proven skin tolerability. Unique ingredients with a pH value of 5 restore enzyme activity, strengthening the natural protection layer and regulating the moisture balance of skin. So skin feels noticeably soft and is visibly smooth.